Credibility in Contracts Management and Procurement.

Actions to leverage the results of your business
Assessoria Comercial

Commercial Advisory

Comprises offering our clients previous professional experience acquired into several years at challenging environments and large projects. Focus is to add value to our client with direct impact…
Elaboração e defesa de pleitos (claims)

Claims Issuing and Defence

Sextante prepare claims, both issuing and defencing, in order to establish contract balance. This need may outcome due to scope deviation, delays and discontinuities, rework, lack of productivity…
Monitoramento de Contratos

Contracts Monitoring 

The objective is to minimize our client’s losses during the execution of contracts. The monitoring enables Sextante to identify potential adversity situations that will be managed and mitigated. When…


Sextante offers training with experienced professionals, bringing cases to analyse and oriented study. The intention is to train to identify points that burden the original costs conditions or…


Service aims to assure contractual conformity, addressing technical subjects and acting at all stages, since the manufacturing beginning to product delivery. It covers monitoring and deviation correcting…


Procurement activities include planning, acquisition and control of material, equipment and services. Sextant understand that this area is critical to our client business and that money saving is possible when…