Sextante was created in 2013 based on the expertise of its professionals who worked for several years in complex and multicultural projects at leading companies.

Objective is to provide specialized service with superior quality. Sextante works to support decision-making process, enabling gains and promoting solutions to problems. It is a service based on consistent surveys and guided by multidisciplinary knowledge. Strategic vision, transparency and ethics values reinforce credibility of the services provided.

Sextante staff are efficient and qualified, which allowed expansion of activities in the North, Northeast and Southeast regions of Brazil, being Sextante headquarter in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State. Our office has modern equipment to provide security for our customer data.

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Trained professionals to work at complex and challenging scenarios


Sextante works to maximize operational and financial results.

Assessoria Especializada

Multidisciplinary approach and analytical view provides support for decision-makers


Consistent surveys indicate the right direction in negotiations.
The impact evaluation quality is crucial at any claim conducted by Sextante


Sextante uses Dell solutions.
Feel safe with world-class data security.

What is a Sextante?


“Sextante” means Sextant, a navigation instrument that guides the crew in adverse situations.

The current law foresees that all vessels sailing in open sea should have this auxiliary instrument.

The name “Sextante” reflects the commitment to guide the client in the right direction.


Fabrício Rennó

Graduated in Electrical Engineering (UFES), post graduated in Business Management (FDC), specialized in Project Management (FGV-BH) and several improvements, including Contracts Law (FGV-RJ).



They are professionals with diverse expertise areas, such as engineering, economics, law and related fields to business. The know-how applied to provides quality information and analysis performed.